Sample sale

Our first sample sale! We've built up a big stock of sample jerseys over the years and it seemed right to move them on to better homes!


Matt Martin moved to France from Suffolk 3 years ago and is in the enviable position of living right on the Swiss border on the edge of the Jura mountains. 


Jerseys available at SP Cycles

By Paul St Peters • 29/04/2012

If you want to get your hands on one of the new jerseys before they are available on the website then visit SP Cycles in Kent.


Some of you have been asking for a quick preview of some of the new jerseys so I thought I'd share a little montage for you...just a taster mind.

The full compliment will be on display and available for purchase soon


New jerseys are coming soon!

By Paul St Peters • 24/04/2012

Spring is here, it's a time when the world starts to fill with colour and its no different at Torm HQ with the imminent arrival of the new range of Torm sportwool jerseys. Whenever we release our new range of jerseys the first question we get asked is 'what's changed guys?'. Well hopefully it will be obvious, we've added a Royal Blue to our colour palette for a special year in British sport. We've also added a Fern Green in recognition of cyclings famous heritage, and with it some new jersey designs incorporating both colours. 


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